Friday 1 June 2012

It's June already!

 I can't quite believe it is the 1st of June already. I have been off work this past week so I have been able to get some crafting done.

I've finally caught up with the Craftsy Block of the month. So I have completed all the blocks from January to June. Here they all are on my Craftsy Profile. I have also been able to turn our spare room into my crafting room rather than hijacking our dining table all the time. So no more sewing my tablecloth through my quilts!

My sisters dress pattern has arrived! its beautiful. I will be making it in a deep purple fabric. I have been learning how to draft my own patterns so i might tweak the top of the bodice to look more like this....

Failing that, I am going to make her a bolero from Pride of Scotland Tartan. The purple really pops out next to the swatch of Dutches Satin for my sisters gown.

I have recently created a profile on Wedding Bee. Its a wedding forum for all things to do with your big day, from rings to dresses to etiquette and everything in between. There is a DIY section for all crafty brides to be. It allows you post on whatever takes your fancy. some of the things these girls so is unbelievable, I have so many more ideas for our wedding now.
I have had some ideas on my dress. I will be keeping it all under wraps until the big day just in case Graeme is having a sneaky peek!

One of my colleagues in work is having a baby girl so Ive decided to make her a baby blanket. I ordered the wool off eBay (after having a look in John Lewis first) as she was far cheaper than the shops. I ordered Sirdar Snuggly Crofter in Colour 0151. Its called Keltie.
Its full of heathery purples and pinks. Just what a wee Scottish lassie needs! its soooooo soft. I cant wait to create it. I'm thinking of doing lots of granny squares and stitch them all together rather than one big granny square? what do we think?

Anyway I'm off for just now.
Speak soon
Sam x

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