Tuesday 15 May 2012

It has begun!

Hello all! Well its official. I will be Mrs McShane on the 27th of September 2014! We have booked the venue and our photographer for the big day. Our wedding will be held at The Three Kings http://www.thethreekings.co.uk/Gallery/Web%20Optimised/default.htm just outside Falkirk and our photographer is Kingdom Photography of Kippen http://www.kingdomphotos.co.uk/gallery_222987.html.

So with the major things booked its now onto my dress. I had my first dress shopping appointment last week. It went well, we weren't aloud to take photographs(???) Why? I have no idea! so i have only my memories to remind me which dresses i liked the look of. Hmmm. I know I've still not found "the one" but i know it will happen... eventually.

My sister is going to be my MOH and only bridesmaid. Ive never liked the idea of loads of bridesmaids and its only ever been my mum, sister and I at home so we are all really close. We have came to a decision on her dress  

She will be in a deep purple and she will have a matching bolero which will be in Graemes tartan. I think it will be stunning! I cant wait to go fabric shopping and get started on it.

Its soooo exciting!
Speak soon
Sammy x

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