Saturday 4 June 2011

Summer Dress

Hi all, heres my latest addition to my wardrobe. This beautiful Vogue summer dress. I am off to Inverness for a week in July for our summer holiday and my mums birthday is during the week we are away so no doubt we will be out for dinner, so now i have the perfect dress.

Not the best picture, i know, i will get my dear partner to take some proper pictures out in the sunshine. Although you all get to see my "new" dress making dummy. My aunty brought that all the way up from Dover on a plane- in her hand lugage!!! how they let her on the plane i don't know, its older than my mammy. Its got an old wire frame for the body that you have to mold to your body then hang it on the dummys sholders.

My next project is one of Amy Butlers Liverpool shirt, again for the holiday lol. So far i have cut out all the pattern pieces and i have sewn the darts. I have hurt my back so hopefully sitting at my machine wont be too painful to finish it off.

Speak soon
Sammy xx

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