Saturday 25 June 2011


Hi all.

Well I have nearly finished my mammys quilt (below) I just have the quitling and then the binding to do and that is me finito!

To go with her quilt i've made her a bar of Raspberry soap which has just over a week left of curing then I can have it wrapped up and looking purty. (pics will follow then)

Seing as I have another Saturday off I decided to make another batch of coconut soap. There is something about the smell of coconut that I just love! So my house now smells like a bottle of Malibu!!!! Again pictures will follow once I take them out of the molds tomorow night.

On surfing for new fragrance mixes to try. I just don't have enough time in my day to try everything! Does any one else have that problem???

Sammy xxx

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