Saturday 10 July 2010


Hi all, againg, i really have cought my crafting bug again. phew. i decieved to have a look back at the scrapbook layouts i had missed so i am going to catch up as im wanting to have my first scrap book filled with just the pages i have done from the group on craftbubble. that way i can see if i have improved over the year lol. well i have done a few pages already as you can see below, so it was aprils challenge which was to include some hidden journaling or pictures, i chose to have some hidden pictures as i havent got the knack of journaling yet lol so i had a good rumage through my photographes and stash and came up with this lol
as you can see its yet more pictures from disneyland, this was taken sept 06. this was my first time going to disneyland but it was the second time i had been to paris on a school trip lol. ive kept the rest of the layout quite plain so that nothing gets masked by the other photographes.
and heres where they are hidden. in a flap under the origonal photograph. the pictures are of all my classmates that were on the trip and the second is of me and my pal abu. the guy seen me going to take a picture of him and he just walked up nd put his arm round, lets just say i threw my camera at my friend like it was on fire, cracking picture, fab memories!
I hope you like
sammy xxxx


  1. Glad you've got your crafting bug back...great pages.

  2. I LIKE!!! Looks like you had a terrific time too.


  3. This is a greeat post thanks